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SLO REP Merchandise
Tee shirts, hoodies, mouse pads, coffee mugs and more!

at the SLO Repertory Theatre

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Description Price Type Price Quantity
Kids Tee XS Kids Tee 20.00
Small Kids Tee 20.00
  Mens Polo Shirt - Black Small Mens Polo 25.00
X-Large Mens Polo 25.00
XX-Large Mens Polo 25.00
  SLO REP Caps SkullCap Beanie 20.00
Cuffed Beanie 20.00
Small/Med. FlexFit Cap 20.00
Lg/XL FlexFit Cap 20.00
  SLO REP Coffee Mug Coffee Mug 8.00
  SLO REP Mouse Pad Mouse Pad 5.00
  SLO REP Tote Bag Tote Bag 15.00
  SLO REP Wine Glass Stemless Wine Glass 5.00
  Unisex Tee Shirt XS Tee 22.00
Small Tee 22.00
Medium Tee 22.00
Large Tee 22.00
XL Tee 22.00
XXL Tee 22.00
  Womens Polo Shirt - Black Small Womens Polo 25.00
Medium Womens Polo 25.00
Large Womens Polo 25.00
  Womens Tee-Shirt Small Womens Tee 22.00
Medium Womens Tee 22.00
Large Womens Tee 22.00
X-Large Womens Tee 22.00
XX-Large Womens Tee 22.00
  Zip Hoodie X-Small Zip Hoodie 30.00
Small Zip Hoodie 30.00
Medium Zip Hoodie 30.00
Large Zip Hoodie 30.00
X-Large Zip Hoodie 30.00
XXL Zip Hoodie 30.00
XXXL Zip Hoodie 30.00

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